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The Gobi Nomad Lodge has its own uniqueness in terms of location because it is ideally located near the most popular destinations in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. The lodge is located about 33 kilometres from Yol Valley, 60 kilometres from the Flaming Cliff, and 180 kilometres from Khongor Sand Dunes. If you decide to stay in this lodge, you will be able to choose your special room accommodations from three levels including standard, deluxe and super deluxe in our traditional housing called “gers.”

  1. Standard Ger

    By choosing this level of accommodation, you will stay in a five-wall sectioned ger that is considered traditional housing for Mongolians. You will share a communal shower room and restroom with other guests staying in the same type of accommodation. These facilities are cleaned every day for the comfort and hygiene of the guests. The standard ger has 2-4 beds and twin beds for couples.

  2. Deluxe Ger

    The deluxe accommodation is air conditioned and equipped with private facilities for your shower room and toilet.

  3. Super Deluxe Ger

    Staying in this ger will provide you with the highest standard of service. This level of accommodation includes a private shower room and toilet, and air conditioning that keeps the air warm or cool. It is the largest ger and is quite spacious with an area of 45meters2 inside, and all the traditional furniture inside the ger is fully carved by Mongolian craftsmen. The restroom is decorated with natural stones and plants. You can use the following link to see the accommodation:

We have gained a broad range of experience in the field of tourism by conducting various types of trips for tourists for over 10 years. By choosing our company to travel around Mongolia and stay in the Gobi Nomad Lodge, you will receive many benefits and will be given some travel discounts as our guest. We offer our guests the following types of trips to all parts of Mongolia including:

  • Private Custom Tours
  • Small Group Tours with fixed departure dates
  • Naadam Festival Tour
  • Eagle Hunting Festival Tour
  • Comfort/Deluxe Tours
  • Cultural Tours
  • Family Tours

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