• 14 Deluxe gers have en-suite bathroom with shower and air conditioning
  • Western-style hot shower for 24 hours
  • Western-style bathroom
  • Comfortable 40 gers accommodation (Double, Twin, Single, Triple and Quadruple)
  • 24 hours electricity every ger
  • Magnificent dining ger for up to 100 guests at once
  • 24 hours night lights
  • Meals which include Mongolian and European cuisines with fresh vegetables and beef, pork, chicken and mutton

Services at the Lodge:

  • “Ancient Nomad” museum for free
  • Gobi nomad souvenir shop
  • Laundry service
  • Mongolian Traditional games for free
  • Traditional Archery
  • Mountain bike rentals
  • Ping Pong for free
  • Traditional Mongolian dress up Complimentary for guests
  • Basketball and Volleyball courts